Hi!  I’m Kevin Price.

I grew up in Stamford, CT and graduated from St Basil’s Preparatory School, Manhattan College and the University Of Connecticut School Of Law.

I worked more than 30 years in the financial services industry holding a variety of positions in group insurance, human resources, claim services and corporate administration.  My final position was Senior Vice President and Corporate Secretary at HSB Group from which I retired in 2002 at age 55 following the acquisition of HSB by a larger multinational financial corporation.

I enjoy being physically and intellectually active, and in particular, educational travel, sailing, yoga, guitar, and studying architecture, art, religion, history, music theory, geology, meteorology and Italian.  In retirement I set out to discover what it means to be successfully retired.  The result is my book: The Successful Retirement Guide.

My wife Barbara and I have two grown (and on their own) sons, two grandchildren, and, with our golden retriever Rufus, live in West Hartford, CT and Falmouth, MA.


5 Responses to About

  1. Phil R says:

    I just wanted to let you know how helpful you blog has been to me over the last few months as I prepare for retirement. I’ve quoted you a million times about retirement not just being a vacation. I see retirement as another ‘job’. In fact, I’ve joked that since I’ve been slacking off at work for years, the transition to the new ‘job’ shouldn’t be all that hard. (Just some pre-retirement humor to show I have a good attitude!) My last day of work is Nov 27 then we head to Palm Springs for 6 weeks. Being a Snow Bird is part of the plan.
    Thanks very much for the guidance!
    Phil R, Vancouver, BC

  2. reinkefj says:

    Will be posing your blog on http://jasperjottings-daily.com/ and the weekly ezine http://www.jasperjottings.com that goes out at the end of the week. I’m thrashing around at 63, and not ready to “retire”. But all the employers seem to think I am. ROFL. I wrote a book to CHURCH 10●19●62 http://www.itstartedinchurch.com but it was a vanity effort. Not that I expected to be Patterson MC1962. 🙂

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