Visiting the Chiropractor

February 29, 2012

For my 65th birthday I turned my body into a letter “S.” How I managed to do this is a matter of some dispute but it is a matter of record that the days prior to my 65th were spent in wall and trim painting. In any case, I could barely move. When I looked in the mirror, my left hip tilted off to the left, my torso tilted to the right and my head and neck went back to the left again. No matter how hard I tried I could not stand up straight.

Having had some back issues in the past (ruptured disc in the early 90s; muscle spasms a number of times), I concluded my “S” shape was not going to rectify itself without intervention. A call to my PCP resulted in a referral to Physical Therapy but I was not able to get an appointment for almost a week. A friend suggested a chiropractor who she visited on a monthly basis. I knew nothing about chiropractic medicine but decided to give it a try since I was quite disabled and I could get an appointment the very next day.

At my appointment, I had to provide a medical history and answer a number of questions in writing and orally about my current condition. A staff assistant also ran a thermal imaging device done my spine. The thermal image of my spine showed several squiggly lines which, I was informed, should ideally be straight.

My treatment consisted of lying on my stomach on a table while the chiropractor used an adjusting tool (looks like a stainless steel hypodermic needle with a rubber tip) to deliver adjusting force to several places on my back. She also applied pressure and horizontal force to various areas of my spine with her hands. There were several cracking and thunking sounds associated with this process. I left not feeling any better than when I arrived but I did notice when I arrived home that I was straighter. After additional visits over the next few days my “S” shape was completely gone. I still had muscle issues and chose to deal with those through PT.

My conclusion: While I don’t fully understand how it works, I believe chiropractic treatment was helpful in “straightening me out.” If I have a similar challenge in the future, I would not hesitate to utilize chiropractic. Retirement is too much fun to be stuck in an “S” shape!

R. Kevin Price

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