Retirement Journal

December 21, 2010

There are many reasons to consider keeping a journal in retirement:

• document and examine your thoughts and feelings
• learn about yourself
• reflect on events
• record your history
• find solutions to problems
• work out your frustrations
• comment on other people in complete privacy
• list your aspirations
• make plans
• doodle
• watch yourself grow over time
• develop spiritual insights
• record your day/night dreams

It is your Journal so you can put in anything you want. You can write it with you in mind as the only reader or with others as possible readers. If you want to keep things really secret and you are writing in a physical journal, you can devise your own code system to disguise identities, places etc.  Alternatively, if you are seeking privacy, you could keep the journal in an electronic file on your computer and require a password to access it. If you are writing it with the understanding it might or will definitely be read by others at some point in time, you might consider adding explanations of why you think the way you do or undertake certain actions.

You might also keep journals that are specific to a particular topic such as a trip or trips, your job, spiritual exploration, gardening, your pet, your health. Trip journals can bring back a perspective that may be difficult to capture in photos.  A journal about your health may be helpful in preparing for visits to your health care professional.

R. Kevin Price

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